Business in Haridwar

The tradition and culture of the religious city of Uttarakhand, Haridwar, have not kept the city behind in terms of development and actually the city has utilised them to generate a lot of income and employment for the people.

A small tour around the city and one will witness an array of small units or shops which sell idols made of clay and sand. The shops here also sell beautiful paintings and artefacts of the gods and goddesses of the Hindu religion. Apart from these small-scale set ups there has also been a rise in the large-scale industries in Haridwar.

Economy of Haridwar

Tourism Industry in Haridwar

There are a number of hotels and restaurants throughout the city. There being so many tourist spots in Haridwar, establishment of hotels wasn’t a far off thing. One can easily find a couple of hotels at every few kilometres. Hotels, both cheap as well as expensive, are always available and many more are coming up which has helped get employment for the people and revenue for the government.

Many low and medium budget shops have also sprung up which provide the people with travel plans and tourism packages. Also, tourism has increased the number of taxis and buses plying in the city. This has also helped in revenue of the local people and the government. Hotel industry along with the small and big travel agencies and all the other hospitality related business and other subsidiaries of the tourism industry are growing rapidly.

Industries in Haridwar

Haridwar has rapidly developed into a major industrial town and this is all due to the establishment of SIDCUL in 2002 by the state government agency of Uttarakhand. This has helped attract many major and important industrial houses that have set up manufacturing units and have generate a lot of income and employment in Haridwar.

There are many industries throughout Haridwar. There are a total of 550 companies and they are mostly involved in logistics, electrical goods and automobile company. There are many agricultural and industrial sectors like Sugar Mills, Mentha Oil Units, Stone Rolling Mills, Paper Mills and Flour and Rice Mills and also there are many Dairy Products, Horticulture, Production of Rice, Floriculture, and Wheat and fish farming sectors. The city is also home to the Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHEL). There are seven hundred and fifty plots made available in the 500 units around BHEL.

A small list of some major companies is as follows:
  • Hindustan Unilever Limited
  • Indo Asian Switchgear Limited
  • ITC
  • Mahindra & Mahindra
  • Hero Honda
  • Controls & Switchgears Limited
  • Vijai Electricals
  • SBL

There is also the SGV electronic industry which has two hundred and fifty trained professional workers. There are a few PSU industries by the side of the bypass road which were established in the year of 1964 and have more than 8000 employers. The state government has paid twenty crores to see this rapid industrialization of Haridwar. This investment and handwork has turned the city of Haridwar city into a big industrial city of the Uttarakhand state.

Agriculture in Haridwar

Agriculture has traditionally been and still remains to the present day, an integral means for the people of this town. Crops in the high land areas like wheat, maize, jhangora, bhatt, taur are grown the farmers and most of them are exported outside the state.

The yoga ashrams of Haridwar are another good source of economy. Most of these ashrams are set beside the river Ganga and provide yogic solutions for the various problems of the body; it may be mental or physical. The people visiting Haridwar also like visiting one of these ashrams which have a reputation of providing authentic yoga lessons.
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