Haridwar in One Day

Haridwar is one of the holiest cities in India. One of the ‘Chaar Dhaams’, Haridwar is believed to be the gateway to gods (hari-dwar = the gate to Lord Vishnu).

Resplendent with many temples, shrines and other holy attractions, Haridwar is a spiritual abode for the devotees as well as the tourists. While in Haridwar, the tourists are spoilt for choices when it comes to visiting places - be it for the spiritual attainment, for nature lovers, for fitness freaks or for the adventure lovers, Haridwar caters to all kinds of tourists and their likes.

Haridwar One Day Tour

With many temples in and around the area, you can spend the day visiting the various temples, some of which are famous for their architectural heritage as well and return for the spectacular sights of the Ganga aarti in evening at the ghats. If you love nature, you can go to the nearby places or spend a day at the Rajaji National Park, in the lap of nature. The fitness lovers can spend the day learning yoga aasans and trying their hand at meditation in the famous Ramdev Baba Patanjali Peeth. For the adventure lovers, Haridwar has some great hiking tours and adventure sports. Even some temples can be accessed either by the ropeway or by an extensive hike.

Suggested Itinerary for Tourists in Haridwar

9.00 am
- Start for the Chandi Devi Temple by ropeway (alternatively by hike if the time allows). The cable cars on the ropeway are called the ‘udankhatola’ by the locals of the city. Giving a great view of the land beneath, the ropeway is provides a spectacular view

10.00 am- After offering the prayers at the temple move to the Patanjali Peeth for some refreshing aasans and meditation. This ashram by Baba Ram Dev is the hub for yogic fitness and natural living. The travelers can take back many natural medicines from the stores of the ashram.

2.00 pm- Lunch at a restaurant near the Peeth, exploring the nearby places while taking a walk, some shopping for souvenirs at the local markets. While waiting for the Mansa Devi Temple to open for visitors in the evening, the tourists can enjoy some local shopping and explore the nearby places by feet.

4.00 pm- Take the ropeway to visit the Mansa Devi Temple. This temple is believed to grant the wishes of its devotees and is a popular tourist attraction. The ropeway is an exciting way to visit this temple as it provides a stunning view of the Ganges from the cable car.

6.00 pm
- Reach on time to witness the Ganga aarti at the ghats where oil lamps are offered and floated in the holy waters making for a spectacular sight. The Ganga aarti is the most famous attraction of Haridwar. Performed every evening at the ghats, the locals and tourists come together at the edge of the Ganges to offer their prayers.
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