Healthcare Facilities in Haridwar

One of the holiest places in India, Haridwar is a popular tourist destination also known as the gateway to God. With hundreds of tourists visiting the city for pilgrimages, vacations and adventure sports, the city is brimming with people that call for proper functioning of state affairs and public services to prevent chaos. Healthcare is one such segment that needs to be well administered. With a high number of tourists and residents, the Haridwar Municipal Corporation takes extensive measures to prevent any kind of outbreaks apart from providing government clinics, camps and hospital services to the people in need.

Medical care Haridwar

A city which has found space in the Hindu scriptures as the holiest place in India, Haridwar has a long standing position in ayurveda. Being one of the oldest existing cities, Haridwar is considered as a great source for herbal and ayurveda medicines. Apart from ayurvedic clinics in abundance, with modernization amalgamating with the long-standing science of ayurveda, Haridwar also offers allopathic and homeopathic treatment centres and hospitals. With various government and private clinics, Haridwar houses a number of charitable institutions as well, all of which are involved in health awareness activities at regular intervals.

Haridwar Health Concerns

With a large water body like Ganga making it a holy place of visit, Haridwar is host to many tourists and devotees who take a dip in the holy waters to get salvation. Water-borne diseases are, thus, always the main concern of the healthcare administration in Haridwar. With illnesses like dengue in high risks, preventive measures are being taken by the government through dengue prevention slides and advices being promoted as a health awareness camp on regular intervals. The Ministry of Health organizes regular camps for various diseases and illnesses like keeping a check on polio, awareness camps for HIV, cancer, dengue and other water- borne diseases. This helps the residents remain updated on the basic dos and don’ts.

Medical Assistance in Haridwar

Festivals are a busy time in any city but in Haridwar the chaos is unsurpassable. With healthcare professionals, hospitals and charitable institutions making special arrangements for any medical emergencies, measures are taken to provide better paramedic treatment for any contingency. Emergency ambulances by various healthcare institutions are a relief in such cases.

Haridwar is an eternal source of ayurvedic treatments and herbal medicines. The Patanjali Peeth of Baba Ramdev Ashram is a haven for anyone who wants to enjoy the goodness of nature with natural remedies and treatments for healthy living. Other than ayurvedic centres, charitable organizations like Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama also funds a hospital with around 150 beds for the underprivileged and needy. Other than ayurvedic centres and charitable hospitals, Haridwar houses many government and private hospitals and clinics as well. The district hospital, district women's hospital, civil hospital, Prem Nursing Home, Kumar Nursing Home, Seema Maternity Home and Medical Center, Saraswat Child Clinic, etc are some of the government and private hospitals.

Other than hospitals, Haridwar also offers a number of wellness centers and fitness gymnasiums to promote healthcare and weight loss. The Patanjali Peeth itself has a rigorous package of weight loss and wellness where people come to stay for losing weight.

Healthcare Guidelines For Haridwar Travelers

As a preventative measure the tourists should carry medicines for fever, first aid, stomach infection and sanitizers. While in Haridwar proper care should be taken to eat from reputed hotels as spicy food and impure drinking water are common causes of stomach infections and fever. Care should be taken to drink mineral water and stay at hygienic hotels and resorts. Since the city is prone to dengue, the travelers should take preventive measures.
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