Jairam Ashram in Haridwar

Among the many places to stay in Haridwar one of the most famous locations is the Jairam Ashram. Jairam Ashram situated at the heart of Haridwar is a unique and very beautiful ashram in many ways. It has been built at Bhim Gauda on the banks of River Ganga. The construction of the ashram was begun in 1974 and it took twelve years to complete the work. The construction work was done with great perseverance and planning to see to every need of the pilgrims. The work of purchasing the land and overseeing the construction of the ashram personally was done by the reverend Devendra Swarup Maharaj who built the ashram to commemorate the memory of his divine guru, Adiguru Bramhachari Shri Jai Ram Maharaj of Jind.

Shri Jairam Ashram Haridwar

The Serene Beauty of Jairam Ashram

The ashram has several unique features like its well appointed gardens that have beautiful fountains that flow in the night with colored lights at the base of the fountains playfully casting colorful patterns on the waters. Several visitors come to the ashram gates to have a look at this beautiful, serene garden and enjoy the beauty of the well laid out gardens that are fragrant with the scent of lovely flowers all the year around. The front façade of the ashram has a wonderful painting of Samudra Manthan or the mythological churning of the ocean to obtain ‘amrit’ or the nectar of immortality.

Accommodation at Jairam Ashram Haridwar

The Jairam Ashram has 512 rooms for the ease and comfort of the pilgrims visiting the holy city of Haridwar and have all the comforts and amenities for a comfortable stay. It is located close to the waters of the holy Ganga which is a tremendous advantage especially for the elderly and the inform who cannot travel to a great distance.

Hospital at Shri Jairam Ashram in Haridwar

Soon after the Ashram became popular it was thought advisable to also have a charitable hospital as several people tend to fall ill or many a times the ill and ailing visit Haridwar in the hope of succor from their suffering. Thus the charitable hospital proved to be a welcome addition to the Ashram. The hospital specializes in holding eye check up camps where cataract operations are held and people are given free lenses. Also they are provided with free spectacles to enable them to obtain better eye sight. This was considered a great charitable deed to provide better sight to individuals. It is a mission of great piousness and piety.

The hospital and the ashram are remarkable landmarks in Haridwar and there is a great demand for the accommodation and health giving support provided by them to a very large extent within the city limits. There are plans afoot these days for the further expansion of the ashram at the present location. There have also been constructed two other ashrams on similar lines seeing the great demand for the present one. They are, however, some distance away from the main thoroughfare of Haridwar.

Shri Jairam Ashram Address: Haridwar Main Road, Near Bhimgoda Post Office, Bhim Goda, Haridwar - 249401
Phone: 1334-261735 and 1334-260251
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