Lifestyle in Haridwar

Haridwar, also known as the ‘Gateway to God’ is a famous religious site for many Hindu travelers and devotees. Apart from the regular crowd of worshippers, Haridwar is also visited by many foreigners as a culturally-rich destination to get a taste of India. With most of the residents involved in the business of hospitality and tourism, Haridwar is also a major industrial hub. As many people are involved in the business of tourism and hospitality, the residents of Haridwar get the most of some high quality lifestyle centres in the city. Catering to the discerning tourists and foreigners, Haridwar is home to some state of the art gymnasiums, boutiques, spas, beauty parlors. With a plethora of cultural activities to provide, Haridwar is a city of great lifestyle and entertainment.

Lifestyle in Haridwar

Fitness Centres in Haridwar

Fitness plays an important role in the lifestyle of the residents of Haridwar. With many weight loss and fitness gymnasiums, Haridwar promotes wellness and healthcare of great quality. The Patanjali Yog Peeth of Baba Ramdev Ashram houses many tourists who come for naturist healing and weight loss from all over the country. Modern gymnasiums and fitness centers like VlCC also provide wellness services to the residents of Haridwar in Uttarakhand for weight loss.

Boutiques in Haridwar

Haridwar being a popular tourist destination all year round provides a great expanse of shops and boutiques when it comes to shopping for clothes. With many boutiques and malls, the residents of Haridwar can treat themselves to shopping for all kinds of clothes. With shops and malls catering to western as well as ethnic ensemble, there are a number of boutiques for people who like to get their clothes customized as per their tastes and preferences. Sri Hari Kripa Complex road is a popular place for shopping.

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Beauty Parlours in Haridwar

The pure, fresh air of Haridwar can do wonders to one’s skin but for those who are more cosmetically inclined, Haridwar also offers a number of beauty clinics and parlors for grooming purposes. With beauty centers like VLCC and other professional beauty clinics providing expert services, the people of Haridwar have many options for grooming and staying beautiful.

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Spas in Haridwar

Since Haridwar is a popular tourist destination, there are a lot of spas of great quality to cater to the international needs of its foreign tourists. With many hotels like Gardenia Spa and Hotel having their own spas, the residents of Haridwar too can avail the benefits of some relaxing massages and grooming services. Other than spas owned by hotels and resorts all over Haridwar, the ayurvedic health spa is also a great retreat for some wellness services with Indian, European and oriental massages and body scrubs to give you the pleasure of true relaxation. The Indian spa resort a few kilometers away from the city of Haridwar offers a retreat to residents and travelers alike with serene beauty all around.
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