Pawan Dham in Haridwar

Known for its divine and spiritual environment, Haridwar is a popular tourist destination amongst Indians and international tourists alike. One of the char (four) dhaams that are believed to get salvation to the Hindu devotees, Haridwar is very commonly known as the gateway to heaven.

Pawan Dham Mandir

Haridwar is a place which registers a large number of footfalls because of its links to the deep roots of the Indian culture. Be it in architecture, the serene environment or the tourist attractions, the old and varied heritage of India is a manifestation in this holy city of India. Though many temples in Haridwar are famous in their own right, either because of their architecture or because of the beliefs of the devotees, Pawan Dham Temple is a tourist attraction which is located about 2 kms away from the main city of Haridwar on Dehradun road.

Because this temple is not in the main city but a little on the outskirts, the Pawan Dham Temple is a much bigger tourist destination because of its idyllic location. The serene environment engulfing the tourists upon entering the temple takes them into a spiritual realm where they can relax their mind and soul and soak in the amazing architecture of the temple which showcases the heritage of India in the best possible manner. Since photography is allowed in the temple, you can take back pictures of the temple and the intricate ornamental work on the idols as souvenirs.

Pawan Dham Temple Timing

Pawan Dham Temple is an architectural delight. With artistically designed walls and the beautiful glass work on the walls, the temple architecture also boasts of the ornamental idols in the shrine which are a true captive of the Indian culture and age-old heritage. Being one of the oldest domes in Haridwar, the temple was built by Swami Vedantanand ji Maharaj in 1970 and is located on the Dehradun-Rishsikesh road, Uttarakhand.

How to Reach Pawan Dham in Haridwar

Haridwar is an easily accessible city with the National Highway 72 connecting it by road. The airport is only 32 away and the railways connect the city to all the major cities in the country. Once you reach Haridwar, the Pawan Dham Temple can be reached by buses or taxis from the main city which is 2 kms away and from Har ki Pauri which is 3 kms away.


The temple is open for visitation from 7 am to 8 pm, making it a perfect tourist destination to include in your itinerary while in Haridwar.

Accommodation near Pawan Dham in Haridwar

With the nearest hotels near Har ki Pauri which caters to the travelers who are interested in visiting Pawan Dham Temple, some of these hotels are Hotel Ahuja, Hotel Alka, Hotel Amritsari, Hotel Arti Darshan and Hotel Bharti.
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