Shopping in Haridwar

Haridwar is a renowned place for pilgrimages and worship so thinking about shopping is not high on one’s wish list when they come to Haridwar. The most that people buy while in Haridwar is the vermillion, holy idols of gods and various other things to worship. What escapes most people is the true cultural heritage of this holy place that is evident in the regular markets of the city. Once you know about the craftsmanship and the variety of things that this place has to offer, you will not be able to leave without collecting a few souvenirs for your loved ones and yourselves. With many markets offering items like cane baskets made by the locales, stone idols, brass statues, intricately-carved decorative utensils, glass bangles, beaded jewellery and various other souvenirs you will not be able to stop yourselves from stuffing your bags with the various items found in the streets of Haridwar.

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Famous Marketplaces of Haridwar

  • Moti Bazar: - A popular shopping paradise for tourists, this market is located on the upper road towards the north of the canal. With many stalls lining the streets, the place offers the sale of brass idols, pooja goodies, glass bangles, copper utensils intricately carved and even ayurvedic medicines. True to the theme of this holy city, the Moti bazaar has everything a true devotee needs for shopping.
  • Jwalapur: - Another popular destination for tourists, this place is as famous for its mouth-watering delicacies as it is for its souvenir shopping. With many vegetarian restaurants and sweet shops, the tourists can have a great day of shopping with some delectable food and can also buy sweets for back home as the true tradition of the Hindu household.
  • Kankhal: - Three kilometers away from Haridwar, this place is a true destination for day shopping. With many items like intricately carved Hindu idols, wall hangings, eco-friendly bags and baskets, glass bangles of various kinds, this place is a souvenir heaven for tourists. Housing many ashrams, you can make a day stay in this beautiful village with picturesque views and Indian artifacts.
  • Bara Bazaar: - Situated near the railway station, this place is the busiest market in Haridwar. With many things to offer, you can find ornamental rudrakshas on display for buying. With milk sweets like pedas for sale, the place is a delight to shop in. Bara Bazaar also offers a variety of clothing shops to buy authentic handloom from.
  • Government handloom and handicraft Emporium: - with a number of religious stone and wood handicrafts for sale, the emporium also offers a great variety of handloom cloth in various shades for the travelers and residents. Decorative pieces for the living room and imitation jewelry can also be shopped for, in these markets.

Shopping Malls in Haridwar

With the city catering to a lot of international tourists, various brands and designer labels have found a market to sell their clothes in the various shopping malls of Haridwar. The residents of the city take advantage of this as well by shopping for their favorite brands in the city itself. One-stop shopping malls like the Pentagon Mall in SIDCUL compound have brought a lot of westernization to the city. With major brands like Puma, Titan, Bata, Spencer’s, Woodland etc, the residents and tourists can have a great time shopping as per their tastes and likes. Also, available in these malls are some great food outlets in the food court. With Mc Donald’s, Bikanerwala and other food outlets, the food courts also have fine dining restaurants.

Gaming arcades for children provides a fun time at the malls where the kids can enjoy the various games in the consoles and have a gala time while parents continue with their shopping.

With an assortment of items, souvenirs and goodies to take back home, shopping in Haridwar is a delight one shouldn’t miss.
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