Transport in Haridwar

Recording a maximum number of footfall, Haridwar, also known as the gateway to gods, is the most visited place in India. Making its place in the Hindu scriptures, Haridwar is overcrowded all year round with tourists and residents from all over the world. To handle this chaos it is imperative that the state government and district administration make proper arrangements for everything in this city. Basically a city with lots of crowded by lanes and narrow roads, not many buses are seen inside the city, though you will find a lot of buses, private and public connecting Haridwar to other nearby places.

Transport in Haridwar

Local Transport in Haridwar

The local residents of Haridwar basically use three kinds of transport when moving around in the city. With cycles, auto rickshaws and local buses, the residents of Haridwar have an easy reach to every place. Cheaper as mode of transport, these are the most popular forms of reaching from one place to another. With local buses easily navigating their way through the back lanes, crowded streets are not a hindrance if you wish to get somewhere in the city. As a personal choice, people can opt for hiring taxis and personal cabs as well. They may be a little more expensive than the local buses but they suit the standards of the discerning travelers.

Railway Transport in Haridwar

Railways are one of the most convenient ways to reach Haridwar. With trains from all over India linking their way to Haridwar it makes for an easy reach. Since Haridwar has a lot of adjoining places as famous or travel and tourism as is Haridwar, railway is the best and fastest option for residents and tourists if they wish to get away for a great weekend to nearby places as well.

Bus Transport in Haridwar

With its easy link to the national highway 58, Haridwar travel and tourism provides the option of buses that connect the city to other cities in India. With national highway 72 connecting Haridwar to Delhi and national highway 74 connecting it to the U.P. border, the tourists have an easy access into the city.

Air Transport in Haridwar

With just 41 kilometers away from Haridwar the nearest airport ‘jolly grant’ is perfect for the discerning traveler. With Haridwar being host to a lot of international tourists as well, the airport is a perfect way to reach Haridwar with ease and comfort.

Transporters in Haridwar

Every city requires logistics services and Haridwar is no exception. With many transportation services with their own fleet of trucks and lorries, lifting and transporting heavy cargos and loads from Haridwar to other places is easy and convenient. Some of the transport services in Haridwar are Economic Transport Organization ltd, Vasudevam Packers and Movers, Reginol transport office and Mahalakshmi goods transport services.

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