Weekend Getaways near Haridwar

A place for worship and sightseeing, Haridwar is a popular family destination for spending vacations. It is also known as ‘The Gateway to Gods’. There are many tourist attractions in and near Haridwar but as the city caters to the needs of almost everyone in the family with temples, shrines, the national park, adventure sports and shopping, the city of Haridwar also has some equally famous getaway destinations both for the tourists and the locals. With many scenic spots around Haridwar, the city is one of the most visited places in India.

Weekend Trip from Haridwar to Rishikesh


Only 18 kms away from the outskirts of Haridwar, Rishikesh is a ten minutes drive to the pilgrimage city of India and the yoga capital of the world. Adventure sports, scenic beauty, white waters of the Ganges, a plethora of camping and other sports activities and the city being a holy shrine to various gods, Rishikesh is a natural wonder. With many ashrams and attractive tourist destination and, local markets for shopping, all on the banks of the River Ganges with its white sparkling water, this city of Rishikesh, idyllically located on the foothills of the massive Himalayan range, is a must-visit on every tourist’s itinerary. The best way to reach Rishikesh from Haridwar is to go by train. There are about three slow trains that go to Rishikesh daily from Haridwar. Alternatively, there are several buses and rented cars that connect Rishikesh to Haridwar.

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Equally famous for its temples and monasteries, the city of Dehradun is only an hour’s drive from Haridwar with the city being 56 kms away from Haridwar. As much as Dehradun has its share of temples and monasteries, it is visited more for gardens and naturally landscaped beauty. A popular hill station to visit, Dehradun is famous for its natural beauty. Everywhere you look in Dehradun, the view looks like it's straight out of scenery made by an amazing artist. Dehradun is equally popular for its markets and shopping. Being bigger than Haridwar in terms of the city’s culture, Dehradun is visited by newlyweds and honeymooning couples as well. Since Dehradun is just an hour away from Haridwar, there are many local buses and autos (Vikrams) that connect Haridwar to Dehradun. Tourists can also rent day cabs and taxis from haridwar at local travel shops to reach Dehradun.

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Only 82 kms away, this hill station is just an hour and a half’s drive away from Haridwar. If you are looking for a break from the spiritual headiness of the holy city of Haridwar, then getting away for a weekend to Mussoorie is a great way to rejuvenate your senses with some resplendent beauty in the scenic wonders of this popular hill station. During the season, many honeymooning couples can be seen holding handles and enjoying the several bounties of nature. Equally famous for its rustic treks on the mountain trails and adventure sports like rappelling and rock climbing, the tourists and locals of Haridwar can have a great weekend in the arms of nature in Mussoorie. For a weekend getaway, Mussoorie is easily accessible by road from Haridwar. With many state buses and locally rented transport services like taxis and rented cars, roads are the best way of reaching Mussoorie from Haridwar.

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A perfect weekend to enjoy the lifestyle and nightlife of a lively city; Chandigarh offers a contrast of lively scene to the spiritual air of Haridwar. Only 205 kms away and three and a half hours drive from Haridwar. Not only is Chandigarh famous for its brand shopping but many other tourist attractions like the rock garden, sector 16, various museums, lakes and amusement parks add to the fun and frolic of the city. Chandigarh is around three hours away from Haridwar by road. Many state buses and rented cars make the trip affordable and convenient. Chandigarh can alo be reached by trains through Haridwar. Trains like Una Jan Shatabdi run from Haridwar and connect it to Chandigarh.

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Only 220 kms away from Haridwar, the capital city of India is a four hour drive through some of the most amazing scenic beauties into the architectural marvel of India. Delhi is famous for its nightlife as much as it is famous for street shopping. There are innumerable trains that connect Haridwar to Delhi and run frequently between the two stations daily. Delhi and Haridwar are easily connected by the state buses also as the distance between the two cities is just a three hour drive.

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A three and a half hour drive from Haridwar, another popular weekend getaway is Ranikhet situated only 213 kms away. Resplendent with scenic beauty, Ranikhet has its own share of temples and museums. Scenic beauty with relaxed environment of activities like fishing in the lakes, golfing, trekking etc is a great way to enjoy the weekend in Ranikhet. There are many trains that run from Haridwar to Ranikhet but since they take an average of 20 hours to reach Ranikhet via train, for a weekend getaway it is advisable to go to Ranikhet via state buses or rented cars as these take less than four hours to reach.


222 kms away from Haridwar, Nainital is just three and a half kilometers away from the spiritual abode of gods in Haridwar. Famous for its house boats and the Naini Lake, Nainital is a great place to spend a relaxed weekend by enjoying the natural bounties. A popular hill station, Nainital is choc-o-block with honeymooning couples and families. Haridwar is best connected to Nainital by roads as there are no railway stations and airports in the Nanital city. The nearest airport to Nainital is in Delhi whereas the nearest railway station is in Haldwani. However, many state buses and taxi cabs run between Haridwar and Nainital. Tourists can also take rented cars for spending weekends in Nainital.

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